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  • shahrukh khan just2code

    Shahrukh Khan best Interview

    By Sriya Ray Chaudhuri In an exclusive interview to the Entrepreneur, Shah Rukh Khan reveals how his unusual business philosophies have helped him reach the levels of success he enjoys today. Q. Describe Shah Rukh Khan the…

  • shakira interview just2code

    Shakira Interview

    A star since the age of 13. The fourth richest woman in pop. Saviour of thousands of children. Oh, and a bit of an academic to boot. Is the Latino sensation Shakira just too good…

  • rihana oprah just2code

    Rihana oprah interview

    A tearful Rihanna told Oprah WinfreyMonday that she and ex Chris Brown are “still close” and “will always love each other” following the 2009 attack that included punching, biting and choking. Now, after the candid interview,…