Opening Number Of Websites Using Python

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Opening Number Of Websites Using Python

So you just started in python programming, and want to prank your arch nemesis. Here i will teach you how to open any website on his computer using python.

Step 1:
open notepad and type

import webbrowser

In python the “import” statement is used to add a module to your project. In this case we want to add the webbrowser module.

Step 2:‘http://SITE HERE!.com’)

This is calling the open function on your default web browser. You pass it an url in the form of a string.

Possible usages:
You can add as many websites as you want like show below‘’)‘’)
url = “”;

The complete code will look something like below

import webbrowser‘’)‘’)‘’)‘’)

Step 3

Save the file as
Enjoy pranking your friends and if you wish to learn more programming then check out our article below.

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