CRM Outlook Client Ribbon not Displaying

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Published on February 03, 2014 with No Comments

I recently ran into a CRM 2011 Outlook Client issue that I had not previously seen. ; In this scenario, the CRM Ribbon would not display while everything else worked in the Outlook Client as expected: could view the CRM folders, views, open records, etc.. ; Additionally, CRM was not throwing any errors so there were no errors written to the log files.

I tried several of the usual troubleshooting steps to include, deleting the Outlook Temp files, disabling unused add-ins, completely uninstalling and reinstalling the CRM Outlook Client…… ;

When I ran out of things to try, I opened a ticket with Microsoft support and they let me know that they have seen this issue in relationship to a product called Websense. ; It appears that if Websense is enabled but does not have the latest version / update installed, it can interfere with the CRM Outlook Client. ; The fix for this issue is to ensure Websense is running with the latest update. ; If that doesn’t work then you will need to disable it. ;

I hope this saves you some time if you run into this issue.


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