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MBA Sales and Distribution Management is a four module subject, the first module is about Sales, it will explore the function and classification of sales management, selling under marketing concept, the interdependence of advertising and salesmanship. The second module is about Sales Management and will covers sales strategies and policies, and the management of sales force. The third module is a about distribution management that will explore the distribution of channel, conflict and competition. Wholesaler, Retailing and retailer marketing decisions. The last module is about order processing, warehousing inventory, transportation, and the concept of logistics and supply chain management. At the end of the subject, MBA student will learn basic skills in selling and the value of distribution.

Module – I: Introduction to Sale
This will cover the discussion about some definition, objectives, functions and classification of Sales Management, it will also explore the Selling under the Marketing concept, the Interdependence of Salesmanship and Advertising and the The Sales Organization: its purpose, principles and policies.

Module – II: Sales Management
This module will discuss the Sales strategies and policies , how to determine the size of the sales force, sales territories, routing and scheduling, controlling the selling effort sales budget and budgeting procedures quota setting. The Management of sales force : Personnel problems of sales management, recruiting and selecting, training and development, motivating salesman, sales meetings and contests, compensating sales personnel, evaluation and supervising salesmen.

Module – III: Distribution Management
This module will cover the Design of Distribution Channel, Management of Channels and Co-operation, the Conflict and Competition, the Vertical and Horizontal Marketing Systems. And will cover Wholesaler, Retailing and Retailer Marketing Decisions.

Module – IV: Distribution Management
This module is an extension of module three , but will cover the Order Processing, Warehousing Inventory, Transportation, Organizing for Physical Distribution, and the Concept of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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