Computer Networks iit Lectures

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Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Data Sharing
Lecture 4 Layering
Lecture 7 Modulation
Lecture 8 Physical Media
Lecture 9 Transmission
Lecture 10 DLL Framing
Lecture 11 Error Detection
Lecture 14 Sliding Window
Lecture 15 SW Analysis
Lecture 17 Aloha Ethernet
Lecture 18 Ethernet
Lecture 20 ATM
Lecture 21 Token bus
Lecture 22 Token ring
Lecture 23 FDDI
Lecture 24 FDDI Analysis
Lecture 25 Wireless LAN
Lecture 28 Network Layer
Lecture 33 Virtual Networks
Lecture 35 CIDR / BGP
Lecture 36 Transport Layer
Lecture 38 TCP Protocol
Lecture 41 SNMP
Lecture 42 SMTP

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