Beware of new Shylock Malware Spreading Through Skype

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CSIS reported about a new version of Shylock Malware which is spreading through Skype.The new version is spreading in UK ,US and Europe.

Dennis Fisher from Kaspersky said that the new version has a number of new capabilities but the main goal is to steal sensitive financial data from infected machines.Shylock Malware has been known for more than several years.There have been many variants this Banking Trojan.
One recent changes in the new version are the capability to spread through Skype.The malware uses the chat function in the Skype to spread to new machines.It also has the ability to spread through network shares and USB Drives.
Shylock is the most advanced Banking Trojan Available now.But Unfornutately the detection rate for this particular Trojan is too low (0/46).

Source : CSIS Researchers

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