Best Free Sotwares to protect your USB Devices and PC from Autorun Viruses/Worms

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It is easy to get infected by viruses from a pendrive or other USB devices connected to your system .The viruses or Worms use the autorun. Inf file to infect the machine when an infected USB device is plugged into your system. These Viruses or Worms modify the autorun. File and infect it to carry out this spreading mechanism through the USB devices. Today Iam posting about some free softwares that can efficiently protect your system and flash drives from unknown threats and viruses.

Panda USB vaccine

CNET Rating : 4/5 Softpedia Rating : 4.5/5

This is a simple tool for disabling autorun feature in windows .It offers two layers of security 1. Vaccinating your computer and 2. USB vaccination.

  1. Vaccine for computer : It prevents any autorun file from running on your computer.
  2. Vaccine for USB : It disables autorun file in USB devices from reading , modifying or replacing thus protecting autorun file from infection.


GGreat USB Antibody

CNET Rating : 4/5 Softpedia Rating : 3.5/5

Another useful tool to protect your USB device as well as PC from infection.It has several features like

  1. Antivirus to prevent infection from USB devices.
  2. Locks down autorun. inf file and makes it unmodifiable thus protects your USB device from infections.
  3. Locks down recycled folder and prevents the infection


Alfa Autorun Killer

CNET Rating : 4/5 Softpedia Rating : 4.5/5

Its a free tool with several options like scan and destroy , protection center and process manager.

Scan and Destroys : Scans your hard disk for autorun infections and helps to remove it.
Protection Center : Block autorun. Inf file from running on USB devices.
Process manager : Helps to manage all the running service in windows


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